Our LED Products

We have sourced tirelessly to provide our customers with ultra-efficient LED products. In doing so we have been awarded exclusive access to a line of LED products only offered through ECON Northwest in the State of Washington.

When switching from traditional light sources to LEDs, you will achieve longer bulb life cycles and reduced energy consumption while improving the quality of light seen by your employees and customers. The key to obtaining a higher utility rebate amount is by retrofitting to ultra-efficient LEDs. The formula is the more kWh you save in energy the more rebate dollars you will receive from the utility company through commercial rebate programs.

Key Features

Here are a few key features you should always consider while shopping LEDs:

Lumens per Watt (LM/W)

Higher Lumens per watt means you get more light (foot candles) with less watts used. Most of our products have the highest lumens per watt in the market today.

DCL Quality

Only high-quality LEDs will carry the DLC standard 5.0 or DLC Premium certification. LEDs must have this certification to obtain a rebate. Most of our products are DLC Premium. We also carry DLC Standard 5.0.

Color Temperature

Selecting the correct color temperature for how you use the space being lit is crucial. Our products come in a wide variety of color temperature. We will assist you in selecting the correct one for your space.

Safety Factors

We focus on circadian rhythm and promoting the appropriate energy of the people working under the lights as important safety factors when considering what LEDs to install.


Wall Packs, Floods & Canopy
  • Wall Packs w/ Dim Drivers
  • Mini Wall Packs w/ Photocell
  • Knuckle Mounts Flood
  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Canopy Fixtures
  • Retrofit Kit (E39)
  • Intelligent Corn Lamps¬†
Troffers & Panels
  • Adj Watt Troffers
  • Adj Watt & CTT Troffers
  • Troffer Retrofit Kits
  • Adj Watt Troffers Retrofit Kits
  • Adj Watt & CTT Retrofit Kits
  • LED PMMA Panels
  • Backlit & Adj Backlit Panels
  • LED Vapor Tight Fixtures
  • LED Vapor Tight Hig Bay
  • LED Strip Light Fixtures
  • LED Wrap Fixtures
Linears T8
  • Universal (Type A&B) (T8)
  • Type B (Bypass)
  • Type B (2 piece)
  • Type B (T8, T5)
  • Type C (T8)
  • Magnetic Strip Retrofit
  • Refrigeration (bypass)
Modular Series
  • Modular Wall Packs
  • Modular Linear High Bay
  • Modular Flood/High Bay
  • LED Exit Signs
Bay Lightings
  • Remote High Bays (UFO)
  • Intelligent Retrofits
  • NSF LED UFO High Bay
  • LED Linear High Bay
  • Motion Sensors & Remotes
  • Emergency Battery Back Ups
Area Lights
  • RGAL Series Remote Area Lights
  • LWAL Series Remote Area Lights
  • Barn Lamp Fixtures
  • LED Street Light Fixtures
  • LED Post Top Fixtures
  • Down Light Retrofit
  • Multi Watt & Multi CCT
  • Round Panels with Adj CCT
Lamps, Bulbs & Filaments
  • PL Lamps
  • A Lamps
  • MR16 (Dimmable)
  • BR Lamps (Dimmable)